Our Journey So Far...
Only God could reach across the world and draw together three young men from such different backgrounds and cultures.

Lowell grew up in a Godly home in Sisseton South Dakota and God called him to be a powerful evangelist. With his family he spent 35 years of his life traveling the roads and by-ways of the mid-west writing and playing some of the most effective gospel songs of our day. Thousands heard the gospel through his nightly meetings and millions heard the gospel through his TELEVISION SPECIALS, that were written and directed by the second young man in this story.

Don grew up in New York State, his passion was the world of film making. One day Don saw himself as a sinner and was dramatically saved. God led him to write and direct the very effective gospel film called A THIEF IN THE NIGHT. He made many more powerful films with his partner Russ Doughten in Mark IV Pictures. Millions have seen and heard the gospel through those prophecy films that are now in multiple languages around the world.

Jimmy grew up in a little town in Northern Ireland where as a boy of nine he called out to God for salvation and was not disappointed. He crusaded with his brother Hedley, an evangelist, through whom many, many souls were won for Christ in tent campaigns. He was used of God to assist Ken Anderson make the film PILGRIM’S PROGRESS which has been translated into many languages and is bringing tens of thousands to Christ all over the world.

DVD is a device that is well suited to worldwide communications. It has multiple advantages over any other method of communication, for it is modern, economic and worldwide compatible to mention but a few. As a result we have released Volume One of the Lundstrom Family Singers Television Specials on 4 DVDs and presented them in a 4 pack box. Our plan is to distribute this unique product to every place where it can effectively reach men and women with its life changing content.

If you have a neighbor, a relative, a friend or a stranger who would appreciate hearing and watching these entertaining presentations of the gospel then there is a place for you in this project.
Contact us and request a supply of the Packs for free distribution. You can make it all possible by sending a contribution to help replenish the Packs you have requested.

Evangelistic DVDs are made available at no charge, however we believe that supporters of this vision will help financially so that these excellent programs can be placed in thousands of locations where they will be seen repeatedly by those who need to hear the gospel message simply and passionately presented. Your contributions will make this happen and so reach others for Christ.
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